Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Outdoor Photographer Invitation!

This is not a date I will soon forget. May 12, just a week before I was to depart for my photo trip to Tanzania. I opened my email to see a message from the editor of Outdoor Photographer, in short, he was inviting me to participate in the upcoming annual "Landscape Special Edition".

Shocked was I .... what an honor and privilege to be invited to participate in something that has inspired my own photography since the beginning. It is not really clear how my work will be presented, from my interaction with their writer, it seems as though it may be a personal profile. Regardless, I am completely thrilled to even think that in just a few days I will be able to see my work in Outdoor Photographer. Wow! From what I can tell, here are the images that will be appearing:

Nikon D200, 12-24

Nikon D200, 12-24

Nikon D3, 17-35

Watch for the August issue, I sure am.

Thanks for your interest, Shane

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Ketera said...

Hey. I am a fan.
Wish you are enjoying your adventures today.

In the event, this is confusing, it's Ritza from the Gallery.

I started a Blog on my travels across US. So I believe this response will/may show my other names ...

I can also be reached: & 484-892-7735.

Good Wishes.