Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Images From Zion National Park

My trip to Zion National Park last fall was an incredibly productive trip for me. In fact I managed to capture so many images that I really liked I was unable to process all them immediately.

In going back through my files this past week I have found several more that I would now like to share with you. This fall for the first time I will be leading a small group tour into Zion National Park, anyone interested can check out details here:

2009 Zion National Park Photo Tour

So here are a few new images from Zion National Park!

Autumn Cascades

Nikon D3 F16, 1s, 17-35 f2.8

Cavern of light

Nikon D3 f16, 15s, 17-35 f2.8

Lone Tree Cascade

Nikon D3 f16, 2s, 17-35 f2.8

Boulder Mountain

Nikon D3 f16, .7s, 17-35 f2.8

Autumn Crack

Nikon D3 f22, 1.5s, 17-35 f2.8

Enjoy, Shane


Bob Towery said...

Shane: These images really blow my mind. Particularly Cavern of Light and Autumn Crack. Fantastic place, capture, light, compo, they just have everything. Wonderful.

Janet langlands said...

Hi Shane, I see you have been busy, beautiful shots, love the grizzly bears awesome . As you can see we didn't make it as far as you, got side track in Mendocino and Nappa valley, loved Mendocino, beautiful ocean beaches as well as great little town . How do you find it living in the States, we would love to buy, a small place. Well we are sorry we didn't get that far, but we will be coming back and hopefully soon, take care, love your work, Jan