Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Quick Trip to Southern Utah

Over the weekend of March 20-22 my friend Rick and I decided to take a quick three day foray into Southern Utah! In fact Southern Utah is perhaps my favorite location for landscape photography - and particularly Cottonwood Canyon road, perhaps the most scenic drives in the whole south west.

Anyways here are a few images. The first two are from Lake Powell/Glen Canyon, an area known as Alstrom Point. Rick had been here several times before, but this was my first. Here is what I seen.

Lake Powell - Fingera

Nikon D3, f16, 1s, 24-70 f2.8

Boulder Vista

Nikon D3 f19, 4s, 24-70 f2.8

The next day we were off the Yellow Rock off of Cottonwood Canyon road. Here are a couple of sunset images.

Cottonwood Canyon vista

Nikon D3 f16, 3s, 24-70 f2.8

Pink Castle Sunset

Nikon D3 f16, 4s, 24-70 f2.8

Then after sunset at yellow Rock we headed off to Bryce National Park hoping to catch a spectacular sunrise. Well the sun did rise, but there was not a cloud in sight! So in an effort to come away with something different I mounted my 200-400 f4 on my D3 and headed out to the rim. Here is what I seen.

Cliff Hanger

Nikon D3, f 9.5, 1s, 200-400 f4

Well that is it, hope you enjoyed them. Please leave me a comment (now that I have the comment feature of my blog turned on), if you feel so inspired.

Thanks, Shane


Anonymous said...

Awesome images! The Yellow Rock shoot was incredible! Great work.

Deborah said...

Shane - I have no idea how there aren't more comments on your work and obvious passion. Keep exploring and seeing the world through eyes that see it all... You're very fortunate to have such a skill and passion in your life, work and heart. Good for you!

I have to admit, I googled your name tonight because I happened upon Airborne...your one and only movi, and it's one of my favorits. Hard to say why, but I've always liked the look in your eyes and the very way you "acted". Your tone and style came through then, and I am blown away at what you've done to explore your passions, strive for dreams and make them both a reality in your life. I've never sent a note or comment like this before and doubt I will again - for some reason - this just seemed right.

Wishing you many more adventures...
Thank you.

bwabbeyinnUT said...

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